• “i knew back then, you were that special one. i'm so in love, so deep in love. you make my life complete. you are so sweet,  no one competes. glad you came into my life. you blind me with your love with you i have no sight.”
  • namz.
  • “a fatal attraction is common and what we have common is pain. i mean you need to hear this, love is not just a verb.  and i can see power steering, s ex drive when you swerve.”
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  • Booty Me Down x Kstylis
  • "Ohh, I never seen the car you claim to drive. Well shi-t I seen it, you just ain't inside."
  • Heartbreak Girl x 5SOS
  • Nothing's Ever Built To Last
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  • ' Girl Be Foofoo '
  • ' Yes I'll Slap A Pússy Nìgga If He Act Out '
  • Moving Away With The Kids // Desiree
  • && If I Could , I'll Just Forget About You

  • x. shake that ass for me, i got what you need. i know what you like, good dick and dollar signs.
  • //. shut yo fūckin' mouth and get some cash, you bītch.
  • "shorty is the suga honey iced t, prettiest when icy. lil mama Icy, they say she a pisces, i heard they are feisty.you know know how to treat her she'll be sweeter then a hi-c."
  • ||. i could just hear them know, how could you let is down?

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  • Main Characters' Bestfriends
  • The Main Characters for 💍💍Whatever It Takes💍💍
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  • I'm no God. Don't think that im a human tho, cuz im so odd
  • I can't sleep cuz I'm paranoid, black in a white man territory.
  • Why you so sad, walkin around wit dem, blue faces?
  • Da roc boys in da building tonite, oh what a feelin im feelin life!

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